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Steps for requisition of Digital Signature:

1. Application Form: Download Application Form. The form itself is self explanatory. Fill up the application form with necessary details and arrange all documents as per the requirement of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) or you can mail us on and

                                                                                                                       APPLICATION FORM

2. Upload Documents: The required documents along with application form need to be uploaded to the upload section. You can upload documents one by one by giving documents name and upload it or you can upload whole document in single pdf and upload it. Or you can mail us on and


3. Verification Process: After receiving the documents, the DSC will be processed and you will get the detailed mail pertaining to Phone and Video verification.

For Phone verification you have got message to your registered mobile number that you have furnished in the application form. You have to forward the whole message without editing to the desired number mentioned in the message itself.

For Video verification, one link will be provided in the mail, and also in SMS form. Through that link you have to record the video by saying the information which will be mentioned on video recording window.

Or you also record the video through Smartphone by downloading the application. The details of recording through Smartphone will be given by mail.

4. Payment: After completion of phone and video verification, you have to make payment through the “Pay Now” button.


5. After completion of payment procedure, You will upload the payment receipt in “Upload” button or mail to us on and .

6. After confirmation of payment, The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) will be approved and ready to download to your old existing token or dispatch to your desired address.

7. Meanwhile, you courier the hard copies of the documents along with application form to our address and scan and upload the courier slip in “Upload” button or mail to us on and .